Roadmap to Purpose (Hero Journey)

You're a hero to YOUR sphere of influence. 

People NEED what you carry! 


Your life contains the roadmap of your hero's journey & leads to your PURPOSE.

Three things are for certain:

YOU have a purpose

YOU have a sphere of influence

Enjoying what you do, making a difference AND a living do not have to be mutually exclusive!


Using my H.E.R.O Formula (Harmonise, Empower, Release & Own), within 90 days you will:


1) Be crystal clear about who God made you to be 

2) Gain confidence & clarity as you understand your purpose

3) Learn how to combine your purpose with business so that you can make a difference AND a living

3) Discover the tech that will support your authentic online business! 

This is not cookie cutter coaching, every woman is unique with different needs so whether you are a part of the group coaching program or 1 to 1 coaching program, you will ALWAYS have access to PERSONAL coaching from me within the duration of the program!

This Program is for you if you are a Christian woman who:

  • lacks clarity & confidence in who you are & how you can make a difference

  • struggles with knowing your purpose

  • aspires to be an entrepreneur

  • is a new entrepreneur but not energised by what you do or you are stuck

  • loves the idea of the freedom of a laptop lifestyle

  • desires to be your own boss & have your own business

  • is open, willing, coachable & committed to change

This Program is NOT for you if:

  • You don't want to make a difference in your life or anyone else's

  • You don't want more out of life

  • You have no interest in becoming an entrepreneur & working for yourself

  • You are not willing to learn new things, develop your potential & be coachable

  • You are not willing to do the work and get involved

  • You are not prepared to take risks & big action to see changes happen in your life

  • You have a religious stick up yer butt!


At the end of this Program, you will:

  • NO LONGER BE JEALOUS as you scroll through your Social Media feeds, looking at the lives of others and wishing you too were living a life of purpose...because you will be!

  • FEEL ENERGISED as you intentionally live the life of purpose God intended for you.

  • BE EMPOWERED as you become an Entrepreneur, having unlocked your own online savvy, business purpose & potential.

  • BE THE CONFIDENT WOMAN God made you to be, as you show up, speak up & step up.

This Program will work for you even if:

🔥 You have a business already but it's not energising you.

🔥 You have one or many business ideas but you've never actioned them.

🔥 You have no idea of what your purpose is.

🔥 You don't believe you have any gifts & talents.
🔥 Technology & business terminology scares you.
🔥 You think you have left it too late or that you are too old.
🔥 You think you've made too many mistakes & God won't use you.

I invite you to book a free conversation with me about this transforming program & to see if it's a good fit. 


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