I help purpose-driven Christian women who want more out of life but who are stuck, to become entrepreneurs and create a business that they love so that they can make an impact, make money & make a difference.

Empowering Christian Women

As a Christian woman, are you so busy looking after everyone else that you don't have time to do what you really want?




▶ Have untapped aspirations & dreams about being an entrepreneur and running your own business but don't know how or even what.



▶ Crave the freedom to make a difference doing what you love and getting paid for it



▶ Aspire to become a woman of impact and influence for the Kingdom



▶ Feel burnt-out, overwhelmed, disillusioned, frustrated and just plain sad that your life doesn't look anything like you'd hoped by now.


▶ You believe you were made for more but have neither the confidence nor clarity to take action.



***A confused mind takes no action….and that's where coaching is POWERFUL.    Coaching shines a light.***

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