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You are not JUST somebody's wife or someone's mom, you have a PURPOSE of your own!

YOU Lady,

were made for more

If you sense you were made for more, you're in the right place and I am glad you have found me!

I'm Deborah Stonell and I help Christian women who struggle with identity and purpose outside of marriage and motherhood to gain confidence, clarity and a sense of freedom, so that they can achieve their God-given dreams and live their life empowered and fulfilled.

As a mother and a wife who is Christian, I can totally understand if you have ever felt guilt or shame or even confusion for wanting more out of life and because we have been incorrectly taught that our own desires, dreams, passions and ambitions are selfish, we bury them, losing a sense of who we really are in the process.

So, let me ask you this….if you have buried your dreams and you don’t know who you are anymore, what impact has that had on your life, your thoughts, your emotions?


I'm betting if you are stirred by this, the impact hasn't been a healthy one.

THIS dear lady, is because, God has placed something in you, something He purposed just for YOU.

I am here to tell you that:

       God created good works for you to walk in before the foundation of the world. YOU LADY, HAVE PURPOSE!

       That purpose isn't just to be somebody's wife or to just be somebody's mom, no-one is JUST an anything-unless they choose to be!

       You CAN have an amazing marriage and family life, whilst still pursuing your own dreams and goals.

       You don’t need permission to be the woman God created you to be,  you just need clarity and confidence.

       Your identity is not anchored to your role of wife or mom, your identity is in Christ, alone. You are COMPLETE in Him.

So, let me help you to learn how to anchor yourself to Christ and begin to experience TRUE freedom, in being a more confident YOU, so that you can realise your dreams and live an intentional life of purpose and empowerment.

Ready now?

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