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Purpose isn't always connected to career but for many of us it is and it is a satisfying way to live. 

I help Christian women who are feeling unfulfilled in their career, to find their passion, and create a living doing what they love so that they wake up with purpose and actually want to go to work!

Purpose is Power!

As a Christian woman, when you think about your career, do you feel stuck, confused, or like you are in darkness? 


Do you have a burning desire to do something else with your life but you are rooted to the spot? 


▶ You get up day after day, knowing that the job you currently do doesn't make you feel valued, content, or fulfilled but you continue to do it because it pays the bills, provides security, and is familiar.


▶ You are frustrated because you feel trapped and disillusioned, worrying because you fear you have wasted so much time already.


▶ You are secretly jealous of those who have started their own business and you wish you could too and long for purpose and passion to be featured in your working day.


▶ You believe you were made for more but have neither the confidence or clarity to take action.


***A confused mind takes no action….and that's where coaching is POWERFUL.    Coaching shines a light.***

I offer a complimentary 1 hour breakthrough session that gets you crystal clear on 3 things:


☑️ What you really want out of life

☑️ The challenges that are blocking you

☑️ The beliefs that are keeping you stuck


On the call, if I genuinely believe I am the best person to help you - I will tell you exactly how I  can help.   


My programs are personal, deep and designed to pull out the SUPER you, the REAL you - the one that God made you to be. The you that the world needs and will see, when you begin using your God-given gifts and talents as He intended.


I can help you to untangle your thoughts and create a clearer path to the life or career that you want, uncovering the challenges that are keeping you stuck, revealing the solutions to your breakthroughs and freedom.

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