Free Your Mind - the rest will follow

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Through tradition, religion, responsibilities and society rules, many of God's women have lost a sense of who they really are and the true power that they have in Christ.

In particular, mothers and wives, who have anchored their worth and their identity to their roles, not being confident of their abilities outside of marriage and motherhood, accepting a life ordinary, instead of amazing and believing that they have nothing of worth to offer, outside of family life, as such feeling lost and without a sense of purpose, especially once the children have grown.


You don't have to be a wife or mother to feel that way, to feel lost and without purpose.

I believe that God is restoring women, His Called, (#godsgals) to who they really are in Him, their true identity and uncovering the truth about the life that Christ came to set them free for, so that they can understand and experience the powerful and positive impact that only they can make, on the world around them.

I'm Deborah Stonell and I help Christian women who feel unfulfilled & who want more out of life, to discover their purpose and build an impactful business around it.

I understand what it feels like to look at yourself or your life and feel frustrated, disillusioned and disappointed, somehow knowing that you're not living your best life.


You have untapped dreams & desires and I totally get that you want to have more freedom - finances & time, but you don't know where to start. 


You sense you were made for more and you want more out of life but you just don't know how to make it a reality.


​Swimming around in your fears & the "white noise" of constant thoughts in your head, I totally get it - I understand how a lack of confidence, direction & clarity can keep you stuck. 


I get it.  Without realising it, I was constantly getting in my own way!


But now I am free.  True freedom begins in your mind.


​I have walked this journey, and my passion is to help women like you to find your freedom and be released into an abundant life through being a business owner.


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As a professional Coach, this is why I create programs & training and coach around the subjects of Entrepreneurship, Purpose, Identity, Confidence & Mindset, because of the personal freedom that I have experienced through the clarity, synergy & action of all of these.


True freedom begins in your mind. 


I will help you to uncover your purpose, tap into undiscovered talents, see your God-given roadmap and use them all to create an authentic business!


It won't stop there! 


I will ensure that you have the mindset necessary for this entrepreneurial journey, one that will help in all other areas of your life too AND I will you tips, support and strategies to help you to step up, speak up and show up for your business!


***A confused mind takes no action….and that's where coaching is POWERFUL.    Coaching shines a light.***




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