VIP Coaching

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If you prefer the challenge and benefits of intensive VIP one to one coaching to keep you on your toes to take massive action & getting even faster results, I keep a limited amount of spots available.

The great thing about personal coaching is that can be specifically tailored to you.

Whether you're young or older, a parent, married or not - God has a purpose for you and together we can uncover that purpose and build an impactful business around it.

If you are a Christian woman who struggles with purpose and you have the desire to run your own business but you have no experience, let's have a powerful conversation!


What do I get with this coaching?

10 Weekly personal sessions with me over a 12 week journey.


Access to support between sessions via private coaching platform,  private journaling area, powerful coaching tools & resources that you can keep and use over and over again,  bonuses, plus the option to join the Inspiration Club for free for the duration of your coaching program. 

What is the objective of this coaching program?

To help you to uncover your God-given purpose, AND learn how to monetize that purpose to become a Godly businesswoman, not only blessing yourself but those in your sphere of influence -  PLUS discover the amazing gifts and talents God has already given you to achieve your purpose, understand yourself more deeply, learn how to stop getting in your own way and FINALLY live a life fulfilled doing what you are called and blessed to do so that you can make an impact and a difference in this world.


What guarantees can you offer?


Us Coaches love that question!  It tells us so much.  Dig deep and ask yourself why you want a guarantee.

No matter what is promised or has been promised to you in the past, nothing can be guaranteed.  Why? Because ultimately, it is your responsibility to do the homework, book your coaching calls and take action where required.  However, experience has proven that your solid commitment and coachability will produce what you need for you to get the breakthrough you want.

As an added bonus, you will understand yourself more deeply and have the tools in your arsenal to live the life you want, which will flow positively into ALL areas in your life.

What does it cost?


£3000.  Payment plans available.

How do I get started working with you?


First, we have a friendly video chat over coffee - it costs £10 - it's on Zoom and you don't even have to drink coffee...although I probably will be!


I like to have these calls to ensure commitment (hence the cost), and that we are good fit for coaching and working together.  I don't work with everyone on a one to one basis.   


It's also great to find out a bit more about you and your aspirations.  ​It's an opportunity for you to ask any questions beforehand and for me to give you more information about your coaching & what will be involved.

BIG plus - it's a coaching call!  You WILL receive coaching on this call and get breakthrough!



(if you don't see a slot for that week - they're gone)

SO DON'T DELAY, LOCK IN YOUR TIME.  The sooner we chat, the sooner you can start!

Breakthrough Coaching that works for You!